We are excited to announce that Energy Singularity has raised nearly RMB 400 million in Series Seed funding to commercialize fusion energy. This round was led by miHoYo and NIO Capital with participation by Sequoia China Seed Fund and BRV China. Our team will use this capital to design, construct and operate an experimental tokamak, the world’s first-of-its-kind device built with high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets.

The Company is founded in 2021 in Shanghai, China. Our goal is to commercialize fusion energy through the combined development of HTS magnets, plasma physics, and AI technologies.

Energy Singularity is collaborating with renowned universities and institutions to build our first experimental tokamak, the world’s first tokamak built with HTS magnets. This tokamak is designed to achieve long-pulse steady state operation with high confinement plasmas and optimized bootstrap current fraction. We schedule to complete the construction of this device and produce the first plasma in 2024. It will provide important technological basis for next-generation high-field tokamaks and will demonstrate the feasibility of applying HTS in fusion devices.

We are committed to transform how the world is powered by commercializing fusion energy. We believe, once realized, fusion energy will be abundant, economic, clean, safe, and globally deployable. Fusion energy will open limitless opportunities for revolutionary advancements in human civilizations. There is a long road ahead with a great deal of very difficult challenges, if you are excited to join the cause, please reach out to hr@energysingularity.cn